DaVinci hosts a multicultural dinner!

3 courses tasting meal with welcome food and drinks, with tasty dishes from all over the countries in which our team members are from.

The event is a multicultural dinner that involves the four countries coming together to produce a tasting menu for people of Aberdeen to experience different cultures. The event held in DaVinci Restaurant on 1 Alford lane will consist of traditional dishes from each of the countries in which our team members come from. With dishes from Lithuania, Romania, Italy, and Scotland followed by drinks from each country it is certain guests will have a great night.

This will allow attendees to have a taste of different countries and really get a feel of different foods not just what they are used to.

The theme of the night will be based on each of the countries mentioned above using flags and entertainment from each of the countries.

Entertainment will consist of a Scottish piper playing which will allow people to witness some Scottish entertainment and a Romanian violinist offering some entertainment from another part of Europe. There will also be a raffle on site which will provide attendees with more things to do on the night and the chance to win prizes.


🔞 18+ only. Hosted by DaVinci Italian Restaurant and MC Events.

Published by Denisa

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