Aberdeen Restaurant Week: Autumn 2020

“Now, I’m not the biggest fans of dessert. My sweet tooth setting was dialled down sometime back, making me more of a cheese and biscuit person.

However, when you see an Italian custard-like dessert with Amaretti biscuits, rum and coffee, it would be rude to decline. And I’m glad I went for the Bonet. For a kick off, this dessert was pretty as a picture, all swirls and sprinkled coconut with a scattering of crumbled biscuit. The centrepiece was a puck of intense dark, sweet goodness, with notes of coffee, chocolate and a hint of rum. It went down a treat, especially when combined with the creamy blooms adorning the plate.

Meanwhile, more sweet goodness was happening across the table with the tiramisu, all mascarpone, coffee and soaked-Savoiardi biscuits.

The desserts were a high note to round out our wee trip to the sun-kissed food of Italy.”

Read full review on society aberdeen here

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