New! Gift vouchers available to buy online!

What happens right after Halloween? Just when you thought all your worries in life were solved because you found the best costume! Well, in Italy, the run for the best ‘Panettone’ has already started. People can’t wait to see the Christmas lights glowing around the city. Families start to plan the Christmas menu, and you can start breathing in the air that joyful magic you know will happen once the Christmas tree is lighted up 🎄Some people enjoy the hunt for the best Christmas presents, and others get very stressed over it. Whoever you are, we have the solution for this specific problem 😁Get a gift voucher for your loved ones for a lovely meal at our restaurant! After all, what’s better than gifting a special lunch or dinner to someone you know they’ll enjoy spending their time with? 🥰Pop in for a meal or buy our voucher online:

One thought on “New! Gift vouchers available to buy online!

  1. Hi, I just tried to order gift vouchers online but instead I’ve received confirmation of booking a table. I’m trying to purchase gift vouchers for a Christmas present to the value of £75 how do I do that?


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