A special thank you to our customers

The staff at Da Vinci wishes you a happy New Year; we hope you’ll spend tonight safely with your loved ones ✨ We know that many of our customers are self-isolating at the moment, and even though it might not be a lot, we want to send you a warm hug made of Tiramisù (The Best,Continue reading “A special thank you to our customers”

New! Gift vouchers available to buy online!

What happens right after Halloween? Just when you thought all your worries in life were solved because you found the best costume! Well, in Italy, the run for the best ‘Panettone’ has already started. People can’t wait to see the Christmas lights glowing around the city. Families start to plan the Christmas menu, and youContinue reading “New! Gift vouchers available to buy online!”

Introducing new authentic desserts

Introducing the best desserts in Aberdeen! Our customers know how much passion we’ve put in our desserts so far, but Italy has so much more to offer that we had to branch out! So we got these from Italy just for you to taste. Whether you’re a nostalgic Italian like us or a customer whoContinue reading “Introducing new authentic desserts”