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What happens right after Halloween? Just when you thought all your worries in life were solved because you found the best costume! Well, in Italy, the run for the best ‘Panettone’ has already started. People can’t wait to see the Christmas lights glowing around the city. Families start to plan the Christmas menu, and you can start breathing in the air that joyful magic you know will happen once the Christmas tree is lighted up 🎄Some people enjoy the hunt for the best Christmas presents, and others get very stressed over it. Whoever you are, we have the solution for this specific problem 😁Get a gift voucher for your loved ones for a lovely meal at our restaurant! After all, what’s better than gifting a special lunch or dinner to someone you know they’ll enjoy spending their time with? 🥰Pop in for a meal or buy our voucher online:

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We are thrilled to announce we have been recognized as finalists in the Scottish Italian Awards 2021!It was only thanks to you and your votes that we made it until this point in the competition. Your support as customers matters more than everything else. As a small local business, it is an enormous credit to see how much you appreciate us!!🥰

Introducing new authentic desserts

Introducing the best desserts in Aberdeen! Our customers know how much passion we’ve put in our desserts so far, but Italy has so much more to offer that we had to branch out! So we got these from Italy just for you to taste. Whether you’re a nostalgic Italian like us or a customer who has never tried them, we know you’ll love them!

You can dine with us and try them at the end of your visit or you can order some to take away, don’t miss it

Aberdeen Restaurant Week: Autumn 2020

“Now, I’m not the biggest fans of dessert. My sweet tooth setting was dialled down sometime back, making me more of a cheese and biscuit person.

However, when you see an Italian custard-like dessert with Amaretti biscuits, rum and coffee, it would be rude to decline. And I’m glad I went for the Bonet. For a kick off, this dessert was pretty as a picture, all swirls and sprinkled coconut with a scattering of crumbled biscuit. The centrepiece was a puck of intense dark, sweet goodness, with notes of coffee, chocolate and a hint of rum. It went down a treat, especially when combined with the creamy blooms adorning the plate.

Meanwhile, more sweet goodness was happening across the table with the tiramisu, all mascarpone, coffee and soaked-Savoiardi biscuits.

The desserts were a high note to round out our wee trip to the sun-kissed food of Italy.”

Read full review on society aberdeen here

Celebrate with us!

Da Vinci’s 3rd anniversary is approaching and we’re celebrating with a present for our customers!

To thank you for for the support during the past 3 years, we’re offering 30% DISCOUNT on food and a shot of Limoncello if you book your table for next Wednesday 09/09!



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Da Vinci’s 3rd anniversary