Soft Drinks

Coca Cola £2.5
Fanta £2.5
Diet Coke £2.5
Acqua Panna 250ml £2.5
Acqua S. Pellegrino 250ml £2.5
Limonata £2.5
Aranciata £2.5
Irn Bru £2.5
Caffè Espresso £2
Caffè Americano £2.2
Caffè Doppio £2.8
Cappuccino £2.5
Latte Macchiato £2.5
Hot Tea £1.8

Vini bianchi | White wines

One glass of wine = 175 ml

Pinot Grigio £22/glass £6

“Sunelle IGT 2016”, Italy-Abruzzo, VEGAN and ORGANIC, ABV: 12.5%. Pinot Grigio. Pairing: Light and fresh food.

Cirò Bianco (Greco) £25/glass £7

Librandi 2017, VEGAN, Italy – Calabria, ABV: 12.5%. Greco – 100%. This wine show the great character of the easy drinking Greco style. Crisp, food friendly, lemony with hints of apple. Fresh and fruity wine with a good vibrant finish. Pairing: Shellfish, Vegetarian, Appetizers and Snacks.

Sauvignon Blanc, Via Nova 2018 £22/glass £6

Italy – Veneto ABV: 12%. 100% Sauvignon Blanc. A bright pale lemon yellow in the glass with a nose showing elderflower, honeysuckle and passion fruit. On the palate it refreshes with delicious minerality and a gossamer-light body. Pairing: White meats, Green vegetables, Fish.

Pecorino “Terre di Chieti” £25

Tombacco, Italy-Abruzzo, IGT 2015, ABV: 13.5%. Pecorino 100%. Pairing: Fish, White meat, Truffle-based dishes, Shellfish, Medium-seasoned cheese.

Vermentino “Da Vinci” £24

VEGAN, IGT 2016, Italy-Tuscany, ABV: 13%. This wine shows notes of fragrant blossom, citrus fruit & aromas characteristic of this varietal. It is vibrant, refreshing & fruity with a beautiful acidity and undertones of minerality on the finish.  Pairing: Pasta, Vegetarian, Appetizers and Snacks, Fish, Cured meat.


ABV: 12.5%. Produced in Piemonte using 100% Cortese grapes, this wine has a floral perfume with honeyed notes and flavours of crisp green apple and lime. Perfect aperitif, or with light dishes, cheese, fish and white meat.

Langhe Arneis, Ascheri £36

2017 VEGAN, Italy -Piemonte, ABV: 13,5%. At least 85% Arneis grapes. Pale straw colour, fresh and persistent bouquet of traditional and exotic fruits with a nice spicy note; dry, pleasant palate of great freshness delicate wine with remarkable balance and finesse. Pairing: Hors d’oeuvre, Fish. Excellent as aperitif.

Libero Bianco IGT £25

ABV 11.5%, Varietal: Trebbiano, Vermentino- Light yellow in color with delicate greenish hues, rip fruit, a clean mineral nose with peppered citrus and pear. Notes of green apple, lime and refreshing acidity make this wine pleasant and easy to drink

Passerina IGT Velenosi 2016 £22

Italy-Marche, ABV: 12.5%. 100% Passerina. This wine has a rounded character but retains a high-edged acidity. In the mouth it has a zesty lemon character layered over softer mandarin and orange notes. Pairing: Fish, Pasta, White meat, Fresh cheese.

Vini rosati | Rosé wines

One glass of wine = 175 ml

Rosato Villa Mura, Sartori £21/ glass £5

VEGAN, Italy – Veneto, ABV: 11.5%. Corvina – 40%, Rondinella – 40%, Molinara – 20%. Glowing pink in colour, with a floral bouquet, it has a fresh, soft flavour. Pairing: Appetizers, Soups, Light dishes.

Vini rossi | Red wines

One glass of wine = 175 ml

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo £22/glass £6

DOC 2016, VEGAN, Abruzzo, ABV: 13%. Montepulciano – 100%. Ruby red wine, with light purple shade. An intense smell of red berries, spices, full-bodied taste, dry, harmonious, balanced tanning. Pairing: Grilled meat (Pork, Beef and Lamb) and with Pecorino cheese.

Chianti “Da Vinci” Vintage £25/ glass £7

DOCG 2016, Italy – Tuscany, ABV: 13%. Sangiovese – 80-100%. Bright ruby colour with a highly winey, violet smell. Taste is harmonious, sapid, gently tanning, gets velvety with age. Pairing: Roasted meat, Wild game, Seasoned cheese, Tasty first courses, no spicy food.

Negroamaro IGT 2016 “Intrigo” £24/glass* £7

Puglia, ABV: 13%. Negroamaro – 100%. A dark ruby red wine with an intense, fruity smell and a slight note of tobacco. Earthy bitterness, full-bodied, dry, dark berry notes. Pairing: Lamb, most meats; versatile.

La Segreta Nero d’Avola Sicilia £24/ glass* £7

DOC, Planeta, 2017, Italy-Sicily, ABV: 13%. Pinot Nero – 100%. An intense ruby red wine with a fruity smell, and a taste cherry and prune, notes of berries taste. Pairing: Red meat, Roasted meats and Seasoned cheese.

Libero Rosso Toscana IGT £25

2014, ABV: 13.5%. Intense ruby red color with aromas of ripe red berry fruit, black cherry, hints of cacao and sweet spices. Full bodied and vigorous on the palate, a rich fruit, spice flavor and a classic refreshing acidity.

Montecorna Ripasso Classico Superiore £32

DOC 2016, Italy – Veneto, ABV: 14%. 70% Corvina, 15% Corvinone, 10% Rondinella, 5% Molinara. Intense ruby red with a complex smell – dark cherry, prune jam, spiced notes of vanilla, leather, and slightly of toasted coffee. Taste is full-bodied, compact yet elegant and harmonious. Pairing: Roasted meats, Wild game, Seasoned cheese, Stews.

2017 Barbera “Briccotondo” £28

Piemonte DOC, Fontanafredda, Italy – Piemonte ABV: 13.5%. Barbera – 100%. An aromatic, spicy nose of red fruits and damsons. Medium bodied and soft, with balancing structure to the blackberry and morello cherry flavours, finishing rounded and supple with a hint of liquorice. Pairing: Lamb dishes, Italian-style stews and braises, Italian-style sausages with lentils, or in a Pasta sauce (alla salsiccia), Pasta with meat and cooked tomato sauces such as Bolognese.

2016 Nebbiolo “San Giacomo” £38

Langhe DOC, Ascheri, Italy – Piemonte, ABV: 14%. Nebbiolo – 100%. Ruby red colour with garnet red nuances elegant bouquet, spicy and floral with velvety notes of violet and rose a pleasantly harmonious, remarkably persistent, soft wine with a dry palate. Pairing: Beef, Lamb, Game, Poultry.

Vini speciali | Special wines

Brunello di Montalcino “Fattoria dei Barbi” £68

DOCG 2012, Italy – Tuscany, ABV: 14.5%. Sangiovese – 100%. Intense ruby red, with an intense smell, with notes of cherry, spices and geranium. Taste is dry, warm, slight tanning, robust, harmonious, persistent. Pairing: Complex meat dishes, Tuscan Pecorino cheese, Game, Mushrooms and Truffles.

Barolo “Marchesi di Barolo” £65

DOCG 2013, Piedmont, ABV: 14%. Nebbiolo (100%). Grainy red with orange reflexes. Intense and persistent smell, with secondary notes of violet and vanilla. Incredible elegant balance between sourness and tanning and softer notes. Pairing: Red meat (stewed and roasted), Game, Truffle and Hard cheese.

Amarone Classico della Valpollicella Farina £62

2014, Veneto, ABV: 15%. 50% corvina, 20% corvinone, 20% rondinella, 10% molinara, oseleta, Turchetta. Ruby red with garnet reflexes. Spiced with notes of cherry, dark cherry, raspberries, cocoa and balsamic. Taste is warm, full-bodied, structured, elegant, fine and balanced. Pairing: Wild game, Roasted meat, Seasoned hard cheese.

Vini frizzanti | Sparkling wines

Prosecco 921 collevento £27/ glass* £7

DOC extradry, ABV: 11%.

2012 Perlé Ferrari £58

VEGAN, ABV: 12,5%.

Vini da dolce | Sweet wines

Passito IGT £5

Sicilia 2014, ABV: 13% 50 ml

Vin Santo IGT £6

Toscana 2011, ABV: 16% 50 ml

Aleatico di Puglia £5

2012, ABV: 14,5% 50 ml


One serving = 25 ml

Sambuca ABV: 38% £3.5
Frangelico ABV: 20% £3.5
Limoncello ABV: 28% £3.5
Baileys ABV: 17% £3.5
Amaretto ABV: 28% £3.5
Jagermeister ABV: 35% £3.5
Tia Maria ABV: 20% £3.5
Frangelico ABV: 20% £3.5
Amaro Averna ABV: 20% £3.5

Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Grappa

One serving = 25 ml

Vecchia Romagna ABV: 38% £4.5
The Arran Malt – The Amarone cask finish ABV: 50% £4.5
Talisker Skye ABV: 45,8% £3.5
Sailor Jerry Spiced ABV: 40% £3.5

Birra e sidro | Beers and ciders

Birra Peroni 5.1% ABV £4

Peroni is the number one lager brand in Italy and has been for over 150 years. This premium beer is the result of the dedication to brewing of generations of the most qualified braumeisters. Brewed using the finest spring barley malts and hops, its taste is slightly bitter.

Birra Moretti Toscana 5.5% ABV £6

The depth of flavour brought to the palate is from the local ingredient of Toscana – Maremma Barley. This barley makes a beer of real character and distinctive taste, with the intense colour of honey in glass and the aroma of chestnuts with a hint of dry grass and pine needles.

Birra Moretti Siciliana 5.8% ABV £6

The fragrance of citrus fruits that Sicily is so renowned for really come to the for in this beer through a combination of rich intense aromas. The secret ingredient is Zagara, orange and lemon blossom typical of Sicily, where the trees flower mostly in spring.

Birra Moretti Zero (Analcolica)< 0.05% ABV £3

The first non-alcoholic Italian beer, born from the tradition and quality associated with Birra Moretti. It is a blonde beer of low fermentation, obtained by a wise mixture of water, barley malt and selected hop flowers. Light and pleasant to drink.

Cider Kopparberg 4% ABV £4.8

Kopparberg Cider comprises of a refreshing range of apple, pear and fruit ciders. These are made from the fermentation of apples or pears and the finest soft water.

Samuel Adams 1 pint 4.9% ABV £5

Samuel Adams ½ pint 4.9% ABV £2.75

Smooth body, but also gives the beer a wide spectrum of malt flavor ranging from slightly sweet to caramel to slightly roasted. Boston Lager pours with a short but dense, white head. The body is clear and dark golden in appearance. The nose is full of floral, spicy hops. This continues into the first taste. It has a malty sweetness that finishes with a nice hoppy whack. The bitterness lingers and leaves a refreshed feeling.

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