Da Vinci Italian Menu

Primi Piatti

First courses include pasta and other similar dishes

Secondi Piatti

Second courses are vegetable, fish or meat based Main dishes

Thank you for choosing to eat at DaVinci!

We hope you are fully satisfied with your meal and the drinks you ordered. Our suppliers are carefully chosen and we handpick the drinks we serve in our restaurant. As you probably know, in Italian culture, both food and wines are very important and we prefer to eat the tastiest foods and drink the finest wines.

Should this menu not have enough information, please do not hesitate to ask your waitress for details, for pairing suggestions etc.

We are here to make sure you have an unforgettable time. You are here because you want to eat a delicious, authentic Italian meal and pair it with a good drink. If you feel like your expectations have not been met, please let us know. If you are pleased with the dining experience, you can tell your friends and/or leave a review on social media. We are present on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Instagram etc.

Thank you for your visit and we hope it was good enough to make you come back!


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